Sheet Metal

We work with various sheet metal types including:

  • aluminium
  • galvanised mild steel
  • uncoated mild steel, also known as hot rolled.
  • stainless steel


We use a lot of aluminium, mostly aluminium tread plate which we use to make vandal guards. That’s 3mm aluminium tread plate. We also do a lot of trays, drip trays and environmental trays that fit in to most machines to catch any oil drips. They’re generally aluminium to keep the weight down.

Stainless Steel

Any of the products that we manufacture as galvanised or mild steel we can do in stainless steel, depending on the environment. If  the sheet metal product will be beside the beach somewhere then we would recommend using 316 stainless steal so it doesn’t corrode. Or if it was close to a water treatment plant where there were chemicals, then we would use stainless steel. There are a few different grades of stainless steel, but the two main ones are 304 and 316. And 316 is the most common that we use because it provides the best protection against corrosion.