Sheet Metal Fabrication

A lot of our  work is prototype before it goes into full production. That can be anything from a half-hour job up to $50,000 jowith no minimum requirements. It can still be a prototype. That’s what we do really. We don’t do mass production.

We manufacture

  • Custom fabricated sheet metal products
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Vandal guards for earth moving machinery
  • Signage & point of sale displays
  • Metal covers, metal boxes and cabinets
  • Metal panels
  • Custom metal shelving & brackets
  • Metal electronics components

Wes specialise in prototype work and  if a company wants just one cut of something before they go into mass production, you can then do that for them.

Do you work with tubing?

With tubing the one we use most is probably the 50 x 50 x 1.6 Dura-valve square tube. We use that to make frames, enclosures. It’s light. It’s strong. It’s what we use most of. We also do a lot of round tube for exhaust  systems or for anything … we keep stock with most things like that. Again, going back to square tubing, we work a lot with up to 100 x 100, probably to 6 mm thick. We’re going to go bigger but not a lot. So we get a big range of tube on the rack because there’s always something different that’s required.

Do you do machining?

We have another company that does a lot of work for us where they do all machining. They are fitters and turners by trade.We’ve been working with them for over ten years and they supply us with parts that we buy. So anything like that, we get a reliable contractor.

Do you do powder coating?

We don’t do powder coating but we have a powder coater and he’s very good and we use him. We probably send stuff there three times a week. Very reliable, good quality and, if there’s any job we need in a hurry, we can put the pressure on them and they’ll look out for us.

We can also get anything wet sprayed as well, so it might be a two-pack epoxy finish and just a different paint system. We need a reliable contractor to do that. And I’ll tell you, the painting is important to the finishing part. Some customers they don’t want to paint at all – they do it themselves.