Dandenong Sheet Metal has been manufacturing sheet metal since 1975. All of our tradesmen are sheet metal workers, some of  them have up to 40 years experience in working with sheet metal.

Who Do We Service?

A lot of the companies that we do work for are equipment manufacturers that produce machinery like a blower, a compressor, generator, a pump, basically anything that’s industrial. If they’re a local manufacturer or supplier of that machinery, then we can help you.

We can manufacture and supply your businesses with sheet metal parts which can be anything from enclosures, belt guards, coupling guards to any sort of bracket.

We specialise in prototype fulfilment and can manufacture sheet metal items to your specifications and requirements. We can also fulfil urgent orders over night.

Order Process

1. We would provide a quote of whatever they wanted. The quote process might take a few revisions before they’re happy with what we’re offering and  the price.

2. Once they want to go ahead, they’ll supply us with the purchase order.

3. We’ll then provide any drawings that are required. If we have to design further,  we’ll do those drawings.

4. We’ll get approval of the drawings and then we’ll start manufacture. If it’s something straightforward, then we can probably skip a couple of steps in there, but for something a bit more detailed, we normally get a bit of approval just to make sure that their happy with what we offer them.

5. Then, we get into it.

We’ll Go Out of Our Way to Get The Job Done

Every job is different. Some can be made the next day. We’ve got one customer that could email me at 8:00 at night and want something for 9:00 the next morning. If that’s what they want, then a lot of the time, we’ll do it because our customers are very valuable – you got to look after them. And us looking after them is to give them what they want so it doesn’t hold up a job at their end. So if they’re trying to get a job out their door and they need something from us in a hurry, then we’ll do whatever we can to do that for them.


Call our sales staff to have your questions answered with regard to your sheet metal needs.

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